Krizz Kaliko Mentioned In Strange Music Murder Dog Interview

Sep 8 2010

Murder Dog magazine recently had the chance to conduct an interview with Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin and vice-president Tech N9ne. Highlights of the interview include the rise of Strange Music, 50 Cent’s recent admiration for Strange, and what the future holds for the label. Krizz Kaliko recieved a mention in the article, as Tech breaks down the beginning of their relationship:

“It was crazy cause you know Icy Roc, my producer back in the day, we did the Nnutthowze together, he did the song “This Ring” and “T9X”. I was 19 and we was in that house in the basement and Krizz lived right around the corner. I saw him in passing, but I never really talked to him, but it turned out that he was a singer and Icy Roc had been knowing him since he was a little boy. Krizz was doin music with Icy Roc, and he came over one night, asked me to do a song. He paid me money to do a song with him. I started hearing his singing ability, so I went down to an open mic show and Krizz was down there singing and doing poetry.”

Click here to read the entire interview, click here to read Tech N9ne’s portion of the interview.