Tech N9ne ‘Best Verses Video’ [Video]

Sep 19 2010

While browsing on the Tech N9ne Facebook page, we found a post with a link to this video so we checked it out– great video! It looks like it’s a mash-up video montage of various videos found on the Strange Music Youtube page and perhaps some video clips from past DVD releases…

Can you name the the DVDs/Youtube videos where some of these clips were found?

The producer for this video, MrEstrada0908, also used several songs from Tech’s previous releases, including:

“Too Much” from Killer

“187 On A Hook” from Blocc Movement (by C-Bo and Brotha Lynch Hung)

“Industry Is Punks” from Absolute Power

“Kill Em Off” from United Ghettos Of America Vol. 2 (by Yukmouth)

“This Ring” from Anghellic

“Trapped In A Psycho’s Body” from Anghellic

“Come Gangsta” from Everready

You can watch the video on YouTube to rate and comment here or watch below.

What is your favorite part of the video? Are those Tech’s best verses?