Tech N9ne ‘Seepage’ Album Pre-order Now Available

Sep 27 2010

So I was laying in my hotel room in Paris when Kaliko got the news that his best friend since childhood Chris Buckles just died awaiting a heart. While I was trying to act like I didn’t see Kali breaking down , my aunt Susie called crying saying mom was back in the ward. So then that’s when I went to my iPod to escape sadness. While going thru my playlist, I stumbled upon 5 paid for but unused beats from the K.O.D. collection. As much as I wanted to run from them, Seepage was born. To all the people that interview me, I would rather not talk about Seepage simply because I told fans on the Lost Scripts that those would be the last of K.O.D. I thought I could stay clear of K.O.D. but found out there’s no way out totally. So until I can figure out how to balance this thing I’d rather not speak on it due my lack of understanding. Hope you enjoy it though! It’s more anger than usual. Sorry n shit but thanx. TECH N9NE

Click here to pre-order Seepage.