Favorite Track From Tech N9ne ‘SEEPAGE EP’? [Poll]

Oct 28 2010

As the latest release from Tech N9ne, Seepage EP, continues to rank on top of the leaderboard on iTunes, we want to know what songs you have been bumpin’ the most in the past couple of days? Label mate Krizz Kaliko ran a poll recently and we found that you like the two songs featuring him on Seepage EP — and from the results gathered at the time of this post, the 644 votes speak for themselves with almost an equal split of people preferring ‘”Trippin’ Comin'” over “Asshole” and vice versa. We’ve seen lot’s of feedback on the Seepage EP and even with the overwhelming support for the EP, it seems that fans can’t agree on which is their favorite track. We want you to set the record straight– once and for all– which are the best tracks on Seepage EP? Take a minute to vote and post your reasoning below. If your friends ever want to know what Seepage is all about, you send them here first.


Why did you choose the tracks you did? Post your answers in the comments below!