Tech N9ne Shows His True Blood With ‘Alucard’ [Song]

Oct 28 2010

Tech N9ne is back again with some dark and deep lyrics about what everyone in the music industry is thinking but rarely ever says. “Alucard” (dracula spelled backwards) talks about how Tech’s life in music will be ever lasting. We see artists come and go with one hit wonders on mainstream radio everyday that have no actual message, but Tech N9ne continues to say what the mainstream is afraid to say, letting his voice be heard about how the music industry has treated those who choose to play their own game by their own rules. Tech says in the chorus “Alucard everlasting / Timeless bars when I’m rapping / All these stars never last, and I will still stand while everyone’s passing.” Like a Dracula everlasting in life, Tech will continue to make the music we love through the years and stay true to who he is. The song talks about how many of the industry shunned him as “dead” when he started, but now they see how he is breathing new life, and now many want a piece of that eternity.

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