Thanksgiving With Krizz Kaliko

Nov 25 2010

What’s Thanksgiving like for an elite MC? For a more personal bit, we asked Tech, Kutt, and Krizz some questions centered around the holiday that brings us all together for some good eating. Here’s what Krizz had to say.

With everything that’s happened this year, what are you the most thankful for?
I am thankful that I have a job doing music. Naturally I’m thankful for my family’s health: my mother, my sisters, my nephews, my wife, and my son. That’s pretty much my immediate family. I’ve got a brother too. I’m just thankful for my family’s health. Sometimes I get down and I think I should be bigger than I am–as far as my career goes–but I just have to stop myself and go “wait a minute man…I got a job doing music!” I’m just buying my first house because I do music.

Do you have any special traditions that your family does for Thanksgiving?
My sister usually cooks. My sister is one cold cook man. She used to be horrible when I was little. She used to cook pizza and french fries for dinner whenever my mom was out of town but now she’s like this ridiculous gourmet cook. One of the traditions that we have is that everyone always comes over to my place and everybody stays there for like three days. Literally. They come over to my house, cook dinner, and stay there for three days. They stay there for the whole Thanksgiving weekend but it aint like they’re coming from out of town. My mom lives in North Kansas City. My cousin Makzilla, he comes over. He stays. I got a two-bedroom town home right now and I have like nine people staying at my house for three days.

What’s your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving?
Dressing and macaroni and cheese. I’m a fat guy so you know I like the carbs. That and my mom makes this thing called Twenty-Four Hour Salad and it’s got fruit cocktail, whipped cream, and marshmallows. It’s really good.

Do you have any Thanksgivings that were more memorable than the others?
Yeah when my grandmother was living I was about fifteen. My grandmother was raised by her Aunt Daisy–but you know they’re country folk so they say “aint Daisy.” So Aunt Daisy died when my mother was about fifteen. So at this point of the story I’m at fifteen: my mother’s grown, Daisy had been gone, and my grandmother is of course, older at that point. My grandma had Alzheimer’s and dementia so she had been living in the past in her brain. We got ready to eat and my grandmother said “Boy…Aint Daisy sure is missin’ a good meal!” Of course the smart ass I am I said “Granny I think Aint Daisy’s missed quite a few meals at this point!” My mom was mad but she couldn’t do nothing but laugh because I’d always been a jokester and a smart ass.

Is there anyone you look forward to seeing the most on Thanksgiving?
Nah. Everyone I see I see pretty regularly but not on the three-day campout at Kali’s house.

Who cuts the turkey?
I can’t cut the turkey. My mother and my sister won’t let me do it because I can’t cut straight. They’re like OCD when it comes to making food so they’re like “You can’t just tear out the pie! You have to cut it straight!” and the turkey has to be cut at a certain angle so I don’t even try it. All I do is open the door and pour the drinks.

Any favorite holiday drinks?
Egg nog…with a little rum in it. You gotta hide the rum though. The kids might want some.

What do you think about Thanksgiving in relation to the Pilgrims and the Indians?
I think Thanksgiving is a huge celebration of the biggest jacking ever! The Pilgrims are the biggest gangsters to ever live. Damn the Crips and the Bloods. The Pilgrims came and stole an entire country! It makes me think of Columbus Day when we celebrate Christopher Columbus discovering America. That would be like you driving your car, you come to a stop light, I make you get out…I just discovered your car! I think we’re celebrating the biggest robbery ever but I’ll gladly eat some turkey for it and drink some rummed-up egg nog.