Kutt Calhoun: 2010 Strange Music MVP [Editorial]

Nov 28 2010

As 2010 is rounding out, the Strange Music blogs have been asking fans to vote for their choice of album of the year. The past year saw a number of great releases from Strange Music. More importantly, the artists themselves had a great year. Tech N9ne released his Lost Scripts and Seepage EPs along with his The Gates Mixed Plate collabos album. Cognito and Brotha Lynch Hung made their Strange Music debuts by bringing a little bit of West Coast flair to the label. Krizz and Kutt each released their third album on the label with Krizz’s Shock Treatment and Kutt’s Raw And Un-Kutt. With such talented showings from everybody, who on Strange Music had the best year? I find it hard to argue against the Kansas City Chief, Kutt Calhoun.

To say that Kutt has been busy this year is an understatement. Kutt spent a lot of time on the road this past year with Tech N9ne. Kutt wrapped up on the K.O.D. tour in Kansas City back in January and took a short break before heading out on American dates for the North by Northwest tour. Following that, he hit the road again on the Strange Days tour in May and jumped right on tour with Hed PE in June for a solo outing. Kutt also joined the rest of Strange Music on the Independent Grind tour this fall and will finish out the year with winter tour dates. The amount of time spent traveling is uncanny. Between all of this, Kutt found the time to record a third full length album.

Kutt’s Raw And Un-Kutt album is another showcase of pure talent. The record boasts emotional lyricism and outstanding party anthems. Tracks like “That’s Kutt Calhoun” and “Get Kutt” are custom fitted theme songs for the Midwest MC. “Hey Hey Hey (Raw And Un-Kutt)” is the end-all, be-all track for Kutt Calhoun. The MC has never showed such aggressive lyricism as on this song. The ending tracks “Somethin’s Gotta Give” and “Calling My Name” are both the most honest Kutt has ever been on an album. His criticism of some fans and his reservations about it all make for an emotional introspective.

The great thing about Kutt though, is that his guest appearances are always on point. While Kutt continues to release great solo music, I think its fair to argue that sometimes his guest spots are just a little stronger. Kutt has stolen the show on more than one occasion in 2010. Some of his highlights were on Tech N9ne’s “Pow Pow” and Krizz Kaliko’s “Ack-A-Donkey”. Kutt spits some of the hottest verses and in fact sometimes they put him in direct competition with Tech N9ne. My personal favorite of the year was Kutt’s exclusive verse over “Welcome to the Midwest” as heard on live shows throughout the year. Kutt absolutely murdered the track and left fans blown away every time he performed it live.

Taking everything into consideration, Kutt has earned his spot. He continues to grow year in and year out. Every verse gets better, every guest spot is more vicious than the last, and every performance kills. Some fans may debate on who had the best outing this year, but I have no problem naming Kutt Calhoun the 2010 Strange Music MVP. That’s Kutt Calhoun.