Seepage Debuts Big On Charts

Nov 4 2010

Following the success of past Strange releases, the Seepage EP has made its mark on the sales charts. The first Soundscan reports have hit the web placing Tech N9ne’s Seepage at No. 57 on the charts. Only seven days after its release, Seepage has sold 7,600 copies. Impressive for any artist with a digital release, but much more for an independent artist like Tech N9ne.

The online exclusive EP was released last week and has found success (you may recall how it peaked as the top available release on iTunes) without radio or video support. Singles like “Seepage” and “Alucard” have already become favorites among fans. The Seepage EP is an extension of the K.O.D. album, with six brand new songs. This is sure to be yet another sign of Tech N9ne’s power within a declining industry.

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