Show Tech Some Love On His Birthday

Nov 8 2010

It is Tech’s birthday and we at the Strange Music Blogs thought it would be a good opportunity to let him know how much he is appreciated. We know you all want to tell him Happy Birthday personally, so we are asking for your stories about how you became a Tech N9ne fan, and a little explanation about what draws you to his music. As you all know, Tech loves his fans. On this special occasion, why don’t we take the time to let him know why we love him! Maybe you have some great memories of a Tech N9ne show, a time you met him, or had some good times with his music. Think back to the beginning and let him know the first track you heard him spit or help him remember some highlights of the first tour he did. We know you were there so leave your comment below! Make sure you tell us who you are and where you’re from. At ten o’clock tonight we will make sure to forward all of your stories to Tech as a gift from his fans.