U.S. Soldier Writes Tech N9ne From Afghanistan

Nov 24 2010

Its always a special thing when fans write and share their stories with Tech N9ne. This particular one is no exception. Specialist Anthony Mora, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan with the U.S. army, has Tech N9ne to keep him going. He wrote an email to Tech N9ne and shared a little about his situation:


Hi my name is Anthony Mora and i’m 23 years old. Currently I am in the U.S. Army and deployed to Afghanistan and should be here until August 2011. I just wanted to write and say i’m a big fan of your music. It never occured to me to try to email you before, so i’m doing it now. I used to have almost all of your CDs, but as the years went on some of them have come up missing. Oh well, guess I will have to buy them all again. So when are you going to have another concert in KC? I’ve never been to one, and i’d like to be present at one of them. Well man, just wanna say you are doing good things, and I know you won’t stop any time soon. Hopefully I will get to be there for some of the great entertainment you produce. I understand your busy so it may take a while, but that’s alright because I don’t get to go home for R&R until March and that’s only for 2 weeks. I unfortunately will not be back state side until mid to late August 2011. Take it easy Tech and keep doin what you doin. MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND

Thanks for listening,
Spc Mora, Anthony U.S. Army

Just another example of how profound Tech N9ne’s music is to his fans. We are absolutely proud to hear from someone who is putting their life on the line everyday. Its amazing to think that this soldier only wants to return home and catch a live Tech N9ne show. We know Tech appreciates all of the love. Be sure to leave comments for Specialist Mora and wish him a safe return home!