Big Scoob: Nobody’s Fool [Editorial]

Dec 23 2010

Recently, a video interview with Big Scoob came across our sights. The interview was shot in the first few days of the Independent Grind tour. A noticeably tipsy Big Scoob gave a candid interview on his position with Strange Music. As the big man slurred his speech a little, he made his message clear as day. Scoob knows that sales for his debut album were not as stellar as he would have liked. When Scoob came to Strange Music, most fans were not aware of just exactly who he was. Sure, there was the history rooted in the Rogue Dog Villains crew that Tech N9ne was once a part of. There was also the few guest spots on albums like Misery Loves Kompany and Killer, but fans were still weary of just what Big Scoob could do. The truly larger than life character that is Big Scoob has no doubt that the future at Strange Music will hold bigger sales and more recognition from the fans. Scoob knows what he can do, and he lays it all out. The proof is in the music.

Scoob has , in so many ways, become a workhorse for Strange. Not at all a negative thing, by any means. The MC has found a way to stay relevant and consistent with his work. Since his guest spots on Misery Loves Kompany, it seems like Scoob has been all over Strange Music releases. It has become a rare occasion to pick up an album by Tech and not hear a signature gutta flow from Scoob. While some fans may have slept on Monsterifik, there’s no denying that Scoob has become a master of the guest feature. Songs like “Dysfunctional” and “Sorry N Shit” have become synonymous with Scoob. There is almost an incomplete feeling when Big Scoob does not jump on a collab track. Fans are growing accustomed to hearing his unique delivery and humorous slant on what would otherwise be considered typical hip hop subject matter. The big man has a stranglehold on those sixteen bar killers.

The biggest surprise with Scoob was the monster (pun intended) single “Salue”. When artists put together an album and try to find that one single that has “it,” a lot of things are taken into consideration: can this be on the radio? Is this something both women and men will like? Will this one song sell my album? “Salue” was all of those things and more. From the infectious melody to the chant- driven hook, “Salue” was a home run. Tech’s delivery on the song is also one of his most unique and memorable features from the last few years. “Salue” quickly went from just another single to one of the top party anthems in the Strange Music catalogue. When Scoob hits the stage to perform “Salue”, the roof blows off the venue. There is nothing that compares to the sight of an entire building shaking from the crowd’s energy.

Taking his huge success with “Salue” and his features into consideration, it becomes clear that Scoob has more to offer. His next album, Damn Fool, has no official release date as of yet. Not too much has been revealed about the work on the album. Even so, Scoob assures fans that the album will cement his place among his peers. It seems like after a few tours and sessions in the studio, Scoob has found his formula. He never did change his style for the fans, if anything, he changed the fans’ perception of his skills. Scoob was smart about how he handled his lukewarm reception after Monsterifik. He just plugged away at verses and tours. He quietly built up his presence with Strange fans, and now, it’s like he was always there. It’s hard to imagine hearing the same records without Scoob. Most MC’s could not survive the long break that Scoob took from music. When Tech finally brought him back, there was little to no evidence of his absence from hip hop. Scoob knew what he came to do, and he has slowly dug himself deep into Strange Music.

Even if the man is known for being a clown and messing with just about anyone, there is nothing foolish about Scoob’s mission.

– Victor Sandoval, Strange Music Blog Contributor