Krizz Kaliko Appears On Murderdog Cover

Dec 15 2010

Krizz Kaliko made his magazine cover debut with an appearance on the latest issue of Murderdog magazine. Krizz is featured in a ten page spread and interview in which he talks about his musical background, his aspirations as an artist, how Strange can be compared to previous successful indie labels like Death Row and No Limit, how Strange has succeeded by being original, how he met Tech N9ne, bipolar disorder, and much more. When speaking on his integrity in the music business as a true artist, Krizz had the following to say:

“Every third nigga is a rapper. One out of every three niggaz is a rapper. I also hear a lot that they think they are gonna change the game, but it’s just popular to say. I really do have game changing material. What I do is game changing. Any time you hear somebody who can sing any type of music, who can sing R & B, who can sing Reggae, who can sing Country, and then also get on the mic and annihilate regular MCs too–that is game changing material.”

On Strange Music’s “gangsta”:

“I think that the thing that associates us with being gangsta is one word and that is ‘fearless.’ Our music is fearless, our stage show is fearless, and our imagery is fearless.”

On Tech’s influence on Krizz and other artists on the label:

“He used to be involved with a lot of the writing on the other artists’ albums, and I mean besides his own vereses. But now he trusts the artists so much that he lets you do your own verses, and he might come in at the end and say, ‘Man you should add this!’ and change stuff. He usually comes in and tries to put some butter on it. The influence that he has is that you have to be elite and murdering them on every song. We got a friendly competition here.”

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