How To Cook ‘Madesicc Clam Chowder’ [Video]

Dec 14 2010

Lynch gives viewers a glimpse into his Madesicc world by cooking a dish for viewers on his YouTube channel. On top of what fans already know about Lynch’s eating habits, with his “Meat” single on the Dinner And A Movie release, Lynch also demonstrates that he’s more than a meat eater, but a good chef in general. In fact, in this video Lynch proclaims that he is in the works of a cook book, too!

This video shows Brotha Lynch Hung preparing a dish he calls Madesicc Clam Chowder. Showing step-by-step instructions, one can’t help but refrain from drooling as he simmers his Bay Area specialty. Showing everything from boiling the clams, to dicing, to cooking the sauce, this video fits both as a glimpse into the hardcore rapper’s personal life along with giving the viewer some ideas on what to cook for dinner!

Check out the video and post a few things you learned from it in the comments below!