Letter From Our Troops: Grayson H. [Fan Submitted]

Dec 12 2010

Letter received from one of our troops:

How do you promote your music starting out?? I’m a huge Tech fan and if I ever got big I would wanna be with Strange Music. I’m currently a soldier deployed in Iraq.. I’ve never been in an actual studio and I make my music with Cool Edit Pro and a microphone. I have a myspace music page but I don’t think it gets out there too much. I don’t receive criticism on my music too often but people listen. I’m tired of wars and military but don’t want to get out until I find new income for my kids. I believe I’m good at rap and I can’t let go of emotions and things in my life. Do you have any suggestions?

Grayson H

Strange Music would like to give a special thanks to all of our troops who serve this country and put their lives on the line without hesitation. We salute you and wish you a safe return home to your friends and family that undoubtedly miss you. Good luck and God bless.