The Tech N9ne Pizza

Dec 15 2010

It looks like BBQ isn’t the only food item on Tech’s plate this year. The Pitch blogs have published a food critique on local restaurant, Next Door Pizza, of Lee’s Summit, MO. Included in the review is the restaurant’s newest creation, “The N9ne.” That’s right, they have created a pizza named after the Kansas City rapper. Not just any pizza either, the toppings on this monster pie are enough to leave any techn9cian satisfied (including jalapenos):

“But my biggest sellers are still the Butcher of Longview (an orgy of meat toppings, including Mendolia Italian sausage, pepperoni, meatballs and bacon) and the N9ne, named for the local rapper Tech N9ne and smothered with all of the meats on the Butcher of Longview plus chicken, red onion, red peppers and lots of bubbly mozzarella.”

The pizza also includes jalapenos. Click here for the full feature. The feature was also mentioned in which can be seen here.