Big Scoob Talks Straight To The Fans

Jan 27 2011

Fans spend much of their time listening to the artists they love and buying their merchandise, but many don’t know who the person is behind the name. Big Scoob took some time out of his day today to answer some of those questions that fans are dying to hear. I sent Big Scoob a message this week telling him I wanted to get some answers for questions that fans were dying to know. He was very excited to do so and we got the ball rolling. I asked him the top 8 questions that fan wanted to know about their favorite artist.

“Who’s your biggest musical influence in your life and why?”
“Well, If you mean since the beginning, back when i first really started buying music and following artists, I would have to say Scarface. I love how he always told stories in his verses and tried to make you see what he was talking about, even if you weren’t from his walk of life.”

“If you could collaborate with any artist right now, who would it be and why?”
“Right now, I’m trying to find Z-Ro from Houston, TX. His soulful southern delivery would blend perfectly with my style.”

“Do you have any kids? What does your family think of your music?”
“Yes, my children are square, sheltered, suburban, spoiled brats. They are not allowed to listen to my music! I’m trying to break the chains with my children! Meaning, lead them down a different path of life than myself and the rest of my family and friends followed.”

“What do you like to do on your down time?”
“Well, I really don’t have down time. This will probably be hard for you to believe, but music doesn’t pay my bills. So I’m out chasing a dollar when I’m not acting like a rapper. Hopefully, this year the pay will be equal to the fame!!.”

“Who do you see as some up and comers in the game that we need to keep an eye out for?”
“Well, I stay in my own bubble of life, so I really don’t know. Other then Irv Da Phenom, but you know about him already.”

“Tell us about your new CD and your new ventures to come in the future. What is your proudest part of your new work?”
“Well, first let me say Damn Fool is the shit to me and my folks in my bubble. With Monsterifik, I was on some, reflecting on my past made me a better man then the average hood nigga, but Tech fans totally missed it! I know these are Tech Fans, trust me I’m not trying to fool myself, and they want shock and awe rap like Tech gives them. Sorry and shit, but that’s not my style. I can only be me, but I started seeing the fans on the road and on UStream and at the video shoots and shit were either terrified or thought my abrasive behavior was hilarious. So, I thought to myself, “Why don’t you put that damn fool in your music?,” and that’s what I did. I showed my ass on this album, it’s kind of like stand-up rap blended with my street shit and my heart felt shit! The proudest thing about my new shit, to me, is I didn’t sell out. I could have just completely did dark shit, trying to appeal to the juggalos so my shit would sell and make me money, but I didn’t. I kept it 1000. So I guess the majority of the juggalos still won’t be fucking with me on this one either. As far as upcoming projects I’m working on, a lot of different things at the moment like my next album Street Beast Vol. 1 and I’m working very hard learning to engineer and produce beats.

“What is your favorite memory or moment on the road touring?”
“Well believe it or not I hate the road. I have OCD and when I can’t totally control a situation or when things aren’t exactly the same every time, it drives me nuts. I’m a ball of nerves on the road. That’s why I’m always sick and stress be killing me.”

“If you could give your fans and would be musicians any advice, what would it be?”
Big Scoob- “I’d just say if you really want it just keep pushing. Learn from and expect setbacks. They are definitely part of this shit!!!!”

Big Scoob gave me and the fans an incredible look into himself as a person and an artist. It was nice to see that he pushes to do better for his kids and to make a better life for him and his family. I wasn’t surprised about the music not paying the bills, being I have been talking with artists for years who have confirmed the same thing. Many times artists have to hold another job or venture being sales go to so many different people and touring is really the way to make any money. I look forward to seeing more of what Big Scoob has to offer and to hearing his new work. I’m definitely a fan and will be in the future as long as he keeps being true to himself. I believe he will!