Krizz Kaliko Finds Himself In A ‘Fatal Attraction’

Jan 30 2011

Krizz Kaliko cameos on the new Tragedy album to be named Dark Side Of The Womb, release date tentatively set for 3/2011. I went into the studio with Tragedy yesterday to check out the track and all I can say is that Krizz murdered this track with his chorus. It was an amazing showcase of his talent and the song itself speaks very deeply about the consequences of falling in love with the wrong people. Krizz’s chorus says “It’s a fatal attraction between women and men. Got us living in sin. Lusting for whatcould have been, don’t wanna see this love end. It’s a fatal attraction again.” The song in its whole really took my breath away and reminded me of loves that I had lost and the anger and sadness I felt when it was gone.

Fatal Attraction is a song I think everyone can relate too and that will be a hit for sure. Watch for the CD coming in March and you can check out how to order it when it comes available on or check out iTunes and Reverbnation once the CD is released.