Krizz Kaliko Interviewed On [Video]

Jan 5 2011

The always-entertaining Krizz Kaliko was featured in a video interview with Tech N9ne, Saigon, Travis O’Guin, and producer Buckwild. When asked if the Strange Music independent juggernaut movement puts any pressure on Tech or Krizz, Krizz answers “nah” in the nonchalant fashion of someone who’s been putting it down for ten years. Krizz goes on to explain that whatever the mainstream is starting to catch on to, Strange Music has been doing all along. During his description, Krizz breaks down the early-show days, when they would perform for a handful of people as if it were a packed arena, sharing the funny anecdote of the response from black people to the wild and crazy performances.

What can be taken from the clip is this: the artists at Strange have been ready to shine for quite some time now, and it’s only a matter of time before these confident entertainers are known worldwide.

Click here or watch below for the full interview.