POLL: Best Krizz Kaliko Hook On ‘Bad Season’ Mixtape

Jan 6 2011

Hailed as the soulful ambassador of Strange Music, Krizz Kaliko is responsible for some of the most unique hooks in hip hop. Kali’s vocal ability has never been more apparent than on the Bad Season mixtape. Hitting listeners with an onslaught of infectious chorus lines, Krizz’s presence is ever dominant on over half of the tracks on Bad Season. As we take look at some of Krizz’s hooks on Bad Season, we would like to know which one you think is best.

“Ego Trippin”

Teaming with Tech N9ne on this stripped down East Coast banger, Kaliko warns the opposition of what awaits them. With a smooth and confident delivery, Kaliko’s voice channels R&B songstresses of the past, and gives the track a vintage touch.

“Livin Like I’m Dyin”

Kaliko growls over this groovy track with a monster bass line. The track, which stands as a declaration of living for the moment, features Kaliko belting out like a Las Vegas performer. Krizz displays his range in ability as he effortlessly moves between different pitches.

“All Day All Night”

Layering this synth-heavy track, Krizz really lets loose on the hook. Helping Tech N9ne explain what its like to deal with constant fame, Krizz breaks out ” I gotta be Tech N9ne” , and with that single line, steals the show.

“Lick Your Teeth”

The not so subtle “Lick Your Teeth” features Krizz Kaliko seductively addressing the women of the world and their beautiful smiles. Again, Krizz drops another soulful performance with a heavy R&B influence.

“Something To See”

Never one to shy away from being different, Krizz takes pride in his accomplishments despite what others may say. He covers this one with his distinct and rough growl.

“No More Music By The Suckas”

Krizz boasts his dominance over lesser MC’s on this tribute to the old school. Paired up with almost gospel like backgrounds, Krizz’s voice serves as its own instrument.

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