Whoo Kid And Tech N9ne Talk ‘Bad Season’ On Shade 45 [Audio]

Jan 24 2011

Following the tremendous response to Bad Season, DJ Whoo Kid decided to get an update from Tech N9ne himself. During his Shade45 radio broadcast, Whoo Kid called Tech N9ne for a live phone interview which broke plenty of big news. Tech gave a status update on the re-release of Bad Season which will be available on iTunes and on the Strange Music webstore. The new version of Bad Season will also include four brand new tracks, some of which are acapellas from past projects. When Whoo Kid asked about rumors involving Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne confirmed the status of two separate singles, one of which combines the star power of Lil Wayne and T-Pain. Whoo Kid also revealed news on Travis Barker’s latest mixtape, which will include “Hard Liquor”, originally from Bad Season. Whoo Kid lived up to his word and delivered an explosive update for Tech N9ne fans.

Click here or listen below for the full interview.