FAN PIC – Your ‘Like’ Counts! [Fan Photo]

Feb 14 2011

Hey guys,
This may just be the biggest long shot of all time but given that my
boyfriend is the biggest Tech N9ne fan of all time this is worth a try (even
as I write this he’s watching youtube interviews and saying out loud "Tech
N9ne is the president to me" lol).

My boyfriend Ben is my life, my heart and my reason for being. I suffer from
anxiety and rely on him completely but he takes it all in his stride. He is
the best man I could hope for and I don’t know how I can ever give back how
much he gives to me.

In two weeks it is his birthday and I can’t think of anything he would want
more than a message from Tech N9ne. He is an amazing freestyler and such a
pure talent and I think just a little shout out from his hero would give him
the confidence boost he needs to share his gift with the world.

I can’t give him much but with help from Strange and TechN9ne this could be
the most memorable birthday of all time.

Thankyou for reading this, I understand if you cannot help but my fingers
are crossed so tightly

Leigh xx

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