Going Back For Seconds [Editorial]

Mar 20 2011

For many artists about to embark on their second album , there exists a stigma or curse of sorts to overcome. Nicknamed the “sophomore curse”, it refers to the inability of many artists to surpass the quality of their debut release. It is quite common amongst one hit wonders and industry acts who are manufactured by a record label. Big Scoob on the other hand, faces quite a different problem. Big Scoob came to Strange Music as a fairly unknown name to the large majority of the fan base. A former member of the Rogue Dog Villains, his history with Tech N9ne is well documented. Big Scoob’s debut album with Strange Music, Monsterifik, did not catch on quite as big as they had hoped. The well-crafted and carefully-written album opted for more realistic and grounded topics instead of straight party music. Its first single, “Salue”, may have given fans the wrong impression of the overall feel of the album. Many expected an in your face party record about drinking. Instead, they received the life teachings and experiences of a man who has done it, seen it, and been through it all. As Big Scoob gears up for his second album, Damn Fool, he has touched on the matter at hand. He promises to deliver an album that can connect more with the audience, but still push real music over filler tracks. Scoob has a lot to take on, but fool or not, he is one of the most well-rounded artists on the roster.

The gutterisms heard throughout Scoob’s music could be more appropriately connected to the ill will he has towards the rap industry. Trapped in what he feels is a fake environment, Scoob expresses his desire to bring back real music and lyrics. On Damn Fool, Scoob has the opportunity to do just that. A second album means a second chance with not only the label, but the fans as well. Monsterfik should not be looked at as a flop or failure by any means. There is plenty of solid music from front to back on that album. In the areas where Scoob feels he may have alienated fans though, he could make up with Damn Fool. It is important to keep the demographic in mind when addressing the audience. Scoob has to find a happy medium between creating the music he wants and feels, and connecting to the younger listeners. Packed with top notch features from Glasses Malone, Bumpy Knuckles, Tech N9ne, Jay Rock, and Krizz Kaliko, Damn Fool feels like a straight Strange release. The best in Scoob comes out when he is paired with his peers for collaborations. The production on Monsterifik was some of the strongest on any Strange Music release. If Damn Fool is able to recreate the same style, Scoob will have a hit on his hands. The elements have lined up for Scoob to drop the album he feels will reconnect him with even the most skeptical of fans.

Draped in all brown to show off his view on color representing, Scoob is bold and absolutely a wild character. We may not get a repeat of “Salue”, but perhaps, we will see all that Scoob has to offer when Damn Fool finally sees its release. The big fella is about to eat everything up.

-Victor Sandoval, Strange Music Blogs Contributor

Damn Fool drops on May 3, don’t miss your chance to pre-order here.