Dinner And A Movie – A Revisitation [Editorial]

Mar 23 2011

In an age defined by the infinite number of “artists” ceaselessly producing mediocre music, it becomes exhausting trying to find quality work, especially in the Rap/Hip-Hop world. It seems every three days there is yet another rapper, convinced of his own lyrical prowess, trying to convince anyone that will–or cares not to–listen that he is changing the game.

Today, I offer you the solution: Brotha Lynch Hung.

Anyone who claims to have even a basic knowledge of rap/hip-hop should not require this introduction, but those of you who have been living beneath a rock for the last decade and a half, listen very carefully.

In the spring of 2010, Brotha Lynch Hung, recently signed to Kansas City-based, independent recording label Strange Music, released the first of a three-part concept trilogy called Coathanga Strangla. The trilogy follows a man’s descent into darkness, if you will, as he murders rappers at night and retells the tales of his gruesome homicides to the police. The opening act of the sordid trilogy is called Dinner and A Movie and it has redefined the standards for concept albums, horrorcore rap, independent production and placed Brotha Lynch, though in educated minds already there, at the forefront of hip hop.

The album debuted on the Billboard 200 at number 69 in the first week of its release and has been extraordinarily well-received. Despite Dinner and A Movie explicitly describing murder, eating “Meat”, doing things to vaginas that you wouldn’t read about in a Physician’s Desk Reference, casually tossing corpses into rivers–and let us not forget the worst behavior known to man: using narcotics–Lynch expertly crafts a plot and creates a character that we can–almost–sympathize with. Don’t get it twisted: (primarily because it already is) “sympathize” was for lack of a better word.

Reviews from almost every source available to anyone who usually doesn’t care what anyone else has to say about anything have been more than positive. Brotha Lynch has achieved something previously believed to be impossible. He took a concept about a serial killer, put it to beats, fluidly rhymed his way through an entire trilogy, released it on one of the most successful independent hip-hop labels to date and made the Billboard 200 top albums list. At this point, the only question remaining is: If I preorder Coathanga Strangla, can I have it shipped overnight directly to my house? As I was writing this, my inbox chirped with a message from Stange Music informing me that preorder for part 2 of the trilogy, Coathanga Strangla, is already underway. The album is scheduled for release April 5.

Do yourself a favor and get signed up with Stange Music. Pre-order Coathanga Stangla and if you haven’t already stopped reading this in order to get Dinner and A Movie because you were too preoccupied fabricating excuses as to why you hadn’t already done so, do it now!

Death, rape, dope, misery, cops, killers, cannibalism and great rap…Thank you, Brotha Lynch.

– Strange Music Blog Contributor