The Making Of All 6s And 7s – Pt. 1 [Editorial]

Mar 21 2011

Browsing through the Strange Music blogs and related websites, you may have noticed an increase in news surrounding the highly anticipated All 6s And 7s. The album, which was inspired by a tattoo, has been shrouded in mystery since it’s initial announcement. Slowly though, as the recording process went on, the walls of privacy surrounding the album began to chip away. First, we heard about Lil Wayne and T-Pain’s involvement on “Fuck Food”. The superstar duo were said to have collaborated with Tech on what is expected to be the lead single, complete with a music video. Then, during a very open UStream broadcast, Tech gave fans a small peek at the production of the album. Broadcasting from a small room in a recording studio in Atlanta, Tech spilled a little more on the makings of the album. “Worldwide Choppers”, the third in a series of songs, would make the album and feature Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, and Twista. Suddenly, it became very clear. Tech was creating a monster. In the face of critics and naysayers, Tech had taken on the role of architect, and was assembling a team of players to execute a near impossible feat…the perfect record. The excitement over All 6s and 7s is building and with every day, those walls that have been built to keep us out are starting to deteriorate. This career defining moment is being constructed right in front of the fans, and although Tech wishes for everything to remain a surprise, the leaks are coming through. This is the making of All 6s And 7s.

The summer of 2010 brought an unbelievable amount of attention to Tech N9ne. Between an ever-increasing profit margin, and Lil Wayne’s now-famous prison interview, the spotlight came directly upon Tech. The seeds for All 6s And 7s had been planted, but at the time, nothing was set in stone. Then came news of a new mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid. Fans were confused as to the state of All 6s And 7s. Would it be delayed? Would Bad Season have any samples from All 6s And 7s? The truth is, Bad Season came and went, and there was nothing related to All 6s And 7s on the tape. We did know one thing though, by the time Bad Season had been released, both Tech and Wayne had confirmed that a collaboration would be happening. The first shot had been fired. Lil Wayne was to be a guest on Tech N9ne’s album. The stage had been set for Tech to hang with the best of the best, and prove his raw talent. With an appearance from someone like Lil Wayne, the album had just been given an endless amount of avenues to explore. Now that you have one of the top rappers in the game with you, where do you go from there?

Tech decided Lil Wayne simply wasn’t enough. One could speculate that because of all the sudden exposure, that Tech would take full advantage and work with the biggest names he could reach. It could be that Tech may have felt some pressure to create a high profile album in order to appeal to the wider audience he was building. It could also be as simple as one artist reaching out to create something bigger with like-minded peers. Whatever the motivation, the news of guest features began to trickle in. Not one to completely leave fans in the dark, Tech began to reveal more within interviews. In one particular interview, Tech stirred fans by mentioning names like: Cee-lo, Snoop Dogg, and Nas. The walls shook a bit. This wasn’t just going to be a typical rap record. Tech was looking to expand the sound of the music and test his boundaries. By the time Tech had confirmed “Worldwide Choppers” with Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, and Twista, fans were already in a frenzy over who would be announced next. The excitement was proving to be too much for even the artists, as many of them would take to Twitter and break the news themselves. Fans on the forums began to compile lists and rumor threads assessing all of the names Tech had mentioned at one point or another. People like Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Mac Lethal, Gavin Rossdale of Bush, and Big Boi had all been publicly discussed. Most of these names though, as Tech would later admit, would not appear on the record.

Everyday, there appears to be a new addition to the album. While visiting Strange Music, Atlanta’s own B.o.B. was confirmed to have recorded with Tech. B.o.B., hailed for his raw musical talent, can bring something fresh to the table. His smash single ,“Airplanes”, was a great example of the crossings between the pop and urban genres. If B.o.B. could bring some of his catchy pop dynamics without taking away from Tech N9ne’s edge, there very well could be another single lined up. Taking all of these names into account, and all of the work behind the scenes to wrangle up all the features, somehow, fans are not completely satisfied. There is one person they feel belongs on the album, more than anyone else. More than the Lil Waynes and Busta Rhymes of the world. The one name that continues to elude Tech N9ne is Eminem.

-Check back in for part two in The Making Of All 6s And 7s

-Victor Sandoval, Strange Music Blogs Contributor