‘Akka A Damn Fool’ [Song]

Apr 20 2011

Crashing in with thundering horns, “Akka A Damn Fool” towers over other tracks like a playground bully. Scoob’s latest single allows him to reintroduce his position as the big dog with authority. Scoob steps up his game with a quicker and wittier flow, hitting syllables like a knockout punch. The slightly less saturated production still thumps with a meaty hook befitting of the big fella. Scoob throws his weight around on this one, as he reminds the listener of his crushing flow:

Reppin villain, dumpin’ venom, bout to kill em’ again
if you missed me on the last one, where the fuck have you been?

Scoob’s “Akka Damn Fool” is absolutely guaranteed to keep your trunk rattling and your neighborhood bumping this spring.

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