‘Look It’s A Dead Body’ [Song]

Apr 5 2011

Unleashing yet another gut ripping tale of murder and blood thirsty mayhem from Coathanga Strangla, Lynch’s “Look It’s A Dead Body” combines his loves of horror and masochism. Set over an almost cartoonish sample reminiscent of Scooby Doo, the track tears its way through topics such as cannibalism, rape, abortion, and homicide. Lynch’s flow is cleaner than ever, with more emphasis on wordplay and multisyllabic lines than in the past. With no regard for the public, Lynch twistedly rhymes:

I might kill him for nuthin, while I’m nuttin
after they dead I’m fuckin, aight
stink so nasty, my teeth don’t look bright
fuckin dead bodies at night

Even fans of Lynch’s sickest work might be surprised by this one. The Coathanga Strangla is back, and he is bringing bodies with him. Click here to listen.