“Nothing Ends Nicely, That’s Why It Ends” [Discussion]

Apr 26 2011

In Dinner And A Movie, we witnessed the fall of a tortured sadman and the rise of a torturing madman. In Coathanga Strangla, we listened gut-struck as Brotha Lynch rawly rapped through the heart of his deranged odyssey.

Now, as do all sagas of love and cannibalism, it ends. Although Lynch has yet to announce the release date of the final installment, Mannibalector, the buzz is blazing in the flames of anticipation and speculation. The last words we had from the Strangla were two unanswered phone calls made to Tech and Travis in which Lynch admits to having “fucked up,” being “all alone in this” and that he is “fittin’ to go on a rampage” in what sounds to be like… tears…

Despite having freshly perpetrated homicide, kidnapping, and cannibalism, it seems as though there is something more in Lynch’s desperate plea for aid than the first two albums lead us to assume. What has the Strangla done? Why would he phone Tech and Travis needing help? What the fuck has he fucked up? And why the hell is on the verge of crying?

~ Strange Music Blog Contributor