‘Therapy Session’: You’re Going To Need Several [Song]

Apr 6 2011

It took me several listens before I determined it was not called “Therapy Session” because Brotha Lynch knew that’s what we would need after hearing the song. In an entirely unique and unexpected way, Brotha Lynch has torn asunder the preconceived notions we had developed for the second act of the sordid trilogy, Coathanga Strangla, based off what we heard on the first, Dinner and A Movie.

Chop, chop to the head
Leavin’ him red
Red, dead bodies in the bed
Cleaver in hand

From “Therapy Session,” we can make two observations: 1. Brotha Lynch has so complexly woven himself into the seams and psyche of his murderous character, he is now able to pierce the tender tummies of even the most savage listeners with lyrics that, like Dinner and A Movie, focus primarily on death and homicide, cannibalism, and a myriad of other non-water-cooler topics. Question: Has Lynch become Coathanga or has Coathanga become Lynch?

Rippin’ his guts
Sippin’ a cup of blood

2. There is neither a climax nor a denouement when it comes to Brotha Lynch.

I’m uh eat people.

Featuring Big NoLove, Bleezo, Save Sicc and Skitzo, “Therapy Session” is a lyrical leap of faithlessness into the messier, siccer, and stranger talents of Brotha Lynch. Don’t forget, kids, there’s still another installment to complete the masterpiece that is Coathanga Strangla.

So… be scared; be very, very scared.

Come on, he just told you he eats people to a beat in perfect, rapid rhyme…

Strange Music Blog Contributor