You’ll Love VIP!

Apr 26 2011

So, there’s always been a list of things everyone should do before you can’t. Despite any list out there, you should have going to a Tech N9ne show V.I.P. style on top. I don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll start with the first show I went to big balla style. Weeks before the K.O.D. show in my town, I decided VIP will be the only way to go, and made my purchase online. Was totally pain-free, but like anyone who makes a big purchase over the net, I started having buyers regret, not knowing what I just got myself into. I mean, it says right on the site that I’ll get over $250 (at the time) worth of merch. I just had a hard time believing it, but knowing how much Tech and all of Strange love’s their fans, I knew this feeling I had was just that.

Well, the time had come that I get home after work to find a big ass box with a return address from K.C. MO, containing the solution to all my worry problems. Man was I wrong about doubting Strange Music’s tactics! Ripping into the packaging, I first found my instructions on how to obtain my ticket to the show and when and where to be for the infamous Meet-N-Greet. Tossing that aside making sure I didn’t lose it, I found my rare VIP shirt, numerous CDs, stickers, posters, a DVD, bandana, and to top off the freshness, a thick and heavy snake and bat Strange Music charm. Already pleased with this awesome purchase, I totally spaced I still get to met the whole Strange family and go to a show.

Fast forward to the day of: I had to be at the venue the show was at by 4PM for the one hour Meet-N-Greet. Let me tell you how personal this gets. At the time, for being the first or second VIP package offered on tour in my town, there was only 20-30 people there. I got all my merch signed, many pictures taken with everyone, and with all the business stuff aside, talked of childhood stories with Kutt and Krizz. Krizz didn’t know this about Kutt until the day of, but Kutt damn near lost his leg due to trying to find things to do as a kid. He was in a milk crate and it was being pulled by a bicycle, and got caught by (I believe) a parked car, tearing his leg open. I mean, it’s not too often that your favorite hip hop artists are going to sit down and B.S. like this with you.

And yet there was still the show. I had to make sure I was there early, because they let you in early just to make sure you can get the front row if you want. Tech addresses every VIP member mid way through the show, give mad love the whole time. A whole day to remember, I promise you this. I think Tech has the idea made that he has to always out do himself, because the second VIP package I did had much more merchandise, everyone who was on tour did the Meet-N-Greet ( it was awesome meeting E-40) and the show was as always, better than the last! This tour’s VIP package is just insane. That’s the only word that can describe it. So if there is anything you get out of this, you need to treat yourself to such a great experience going VIP. Every time Tech tours through my town, you know I’ll be there for it!

– Daniel Spalding