Blind Fury Talks Tech N9ne On POWER 105.1FM [Video]

Apr 25 2011

The freestyle monster known as Blind Fury recently stopped in with The Breakfast Club on New York’s POWER 105.1 FM. The BET Freestyle Friday champ sat down for a revealing interview along with a brief freestyle for listeners. Among the topics of discussion was Fury’s record label ambition. When asked where he would like to go, Fury only had one answer: Strange Music. He cited Tech’s constant touring and lucrative ventures as motivating factors. Fury also confirmed that he and Tech had recently recorded together. The young MC has already broken down the walls of the industry, and all without his sight. There is no telling how far Blind Fury could go, and with his connection to Strange Music, fans can look forward to hearing more from the skilled artist. Fans of Blind Fury can check out his freestyle battles here.

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