Fan-Made Full Cover of Tech N9ne’s Newest Release, ‘F.A.N.S’ [Video]

Apr 1 2011

Check out the first fan-made cover to Tech N9ne’s newest release, “F.A.N.S.”, a bonus track available by pre-ordering Tech N9ne’s upcoming All 6’s and 7’s, done by D.A.M.N. This video was submitted to YouTube and shows a combination of passion and talent for Tech N9ne’s music!

“Pre-ordered Tech’s new CD the 26th of March and as soon as I got my free download I started covering and doing the video the next day. Tech shows his support to his fans, so I’m just showing my support back.”

Not only does D.A.M.N provide a great cover of “F.A.N.S.” but watch as he shows how it was made with each instrument! What do you think of this cover? Let us know in the comment section below!

Check out the video here or watch it below.