Strangeland: Fans From Tempe, Tucson, San Diego, And Las Vegas Call In

May 9 2011

Tech N9ne and select artists on Strange Music are gearing up for the largest national tour of their professional careers. This highly anticipated tour, Tech’s first since last year’s Independent Grind Tour, spans over 65 shows from coast-to-coast and is sure to be in a city near you. We want to know which city is the most excited for this tour! Each week we will be taking calls from select cities for you to boast why your city is a “Tech N9ne Town”. Here’s your chance to call in and talk about which artists you are the most excited to watch live in concert, talk about what you enjoy doing or going to before or after the show, and anything else that you want to share with the world as to why your city reps STRANGE the hardest.

Call in Monday, May 9 at 1PM CST: (347) 994-3066!

Tempe, Arizona

You know things are going to get hot in Tempe regardless of who shows up, but when Strange Music rolls into town it’s definitely time to Check Yo Temperature! Tech N9ne and fam will be rolling through Tempe on June 13, 2011 to perform at The Marquee. Last time Strange came and threw down at The Marquee it was madness–rhe sold-out show got the fans hyphy to no end! What’s it going to be like this time? Tempe, are you ready to set the roof of the Marquee on fire? Get on the phone and tell us how it’s going to be!

Tempe Technicians, call (347) 994-3066 at Monday 1PM CST and tell us why Tempe is Technician Town Number One!

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Tucson, Arizona

Will Tucson be the town in Arizona that reps Tech the hardest? Last time we came through for the Independent Grind Tour it was straight up madness–even the kids were out to see Strange Music throw down! This time we’re coming through on June 14, 2011 for a show at The Rialto Theatre. It’s going to be another badass performance from the Kings of Independent Hip Hop: Strange Music!

Is Tucson, Arizona Technician Town Number One? Call (347) 994-3066 and state your case!

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San Diego, California

Ah, the land of palm trees and beautiful beaches, but how does this make it Technician Town Number One? You tell us! You never know when special guests are going to stop in for a show in San Diego. During the Strange Days Tour, the big boss of West Coast Gangsta Rap (you might know him as Suge Knight) made an appearance to watch Strange take the stage! Who’s going to show up this time? Make sure you go to 4th and B on June 14, 2011 to find out!

Is San Diego, California Technician Town Number One? Let us know by calling (347) 994-3066 at 1 PM CST (11 AM PST)!

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course we know that Vegas is the best place to roll the dice and forget everything you did the night before, but is it Technician Town Number One?! Let’s see…well the last two times we showed up to the House of Blues the proceedings were off the chain! Big Scoob even claimed on The Strange Days tour that the audience was the livest he had seen thus far! This year we’re doing it big once again at The House of Blues on June 16, 2011…bet on it!

Is Las Vegas, Nevada the head of the pack? Call (347) 994-3066 at 1 PM CST to tell us why!

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Fans in Tempe, Tucson, San Diego, and Las Vegas: we will be accepting your calls on our live radio broadcast on Monday, May 9 to hear you out! Call in and let us know why you think your town is ready for All 6’s And 7’s Tour!

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