Funny story at a not so funny time!

Apr 9 2011

So I’m in the emergency room with my youngest due to her coughing uncontrollably cause she misplaced her puffer. so me and uncle ike was teasing her about not keeping the puffer on her all day while shes laying here in a hospital bed at 2am by saying you better have this new puffer on you at all times I don’t care if u gotta put it up your butt to make sure you have it and uncle ike said yeah that way all you have to do is sit down to get a puff! So b4 I get to the punch line I have to tell you the other half of this story to bring the joke together. Ever since my song the rain came out that my oldest Alyia did, Reign has always said to me constantly “daddy I’m ready for my 16 bars”. So while we were teasing her about the puffer I started rappin sayin put a inhaler up ya butt put a really big trailer up ya butt! Then in the midst of a horrible coughing spell she says, ” daddy if that’s my 16 bars I’m gonna be disappointed! HA HA HA HA HA!