Apr 21 2011

Here I am sitting on my video set, in a room, by myself, doing the biggest video of my career called HE’S A MENTAL GIANT, & the casting person said they needed a sexy ethnic girl to be on my arm and another type of chick on my other! Well, they found the another type but asked me if I could find the ethnic one! So I said gimme a minute! As I go thru my phones pics numbers videos etc, I noticed I ain’t got enough ethinc, Fuck that, black chicks in my phone! So the black or other chicks I got a hold of wasn’t really feeling our sexy wizard of oz wicked theme and declined! And I got ta thinkin, my black chicks ain’t comin to my shows but when they see me out they scream the loudest and jump up and down the most so the shit ain’t adding up when I see the most love when I’m at Americas pub or expressions or macs or phase ll etc. So while I’m sitting here shooting this HUMONGUS MTV BET MONSTROSITY of a video, I can’t find my black girls that show me sooooo much love when they see me out partying and I’m Fuckin sad Yaw ain’t wit me! All other creeds frequent STRANGELAND and I love them for it but when it comes to my sistas, I gets NADA! Where Yaw at baby? TECH N9NE!