POLL: Do You Prefer ‘Psycho Bitch’ Or ‘Psycho Bitch II’ ?

Apr 27 2011

Tech N9ne released one of his most popular tracks ever on 2001’s Anghellic. “Psycho Bitch” became an instant classic among Tech N9ne fans, with its high energy production and unique sampling of John Carpenter’s Halloween theme. The track served as an anthem for those of us who have had to deal with the less than stable females of the world. Tech returned to his roots on Killer when he dropped “Psycho Bitch II”, only this time he brought along Liquid Assassin. The long awaited sequel track combined all of the elements from the original along with another sample, this time from Phantom Of The Opera. Both tracks have become huge hits at live shows all over the world. We would like to know which of the two tracks you prefer.

Vote below for your pick.