Brotha Lynch Hung Featuring Tech N9ne ‘Takin Online Orders’ [Song]

Apr 6 2011

Stomping through the severed limbs and sick psychosis of Coathanga Strangla, “Takin Online Orders” grabs listeners by the throat and never lets up on its grip. The heavy and slow horns lurch in, bringing with them the ominous presence of Lynch and Tech N9ne. Working like a pair of lyrical assassins, Tech and Lynch both burst out in speedy yet precise flows.Tech turns it up a few notches for his verse though, as he jumps right in following the hook with an accelerated, triple-time flow (listen to “Welcome to The Midwest” for another example) that strikes like a hail of bullets. Tech hypnotically flows:

I cannot contain what is insane within this brain nigga
neva was a mundane, but I was in pain, fuck it then came liqua

As the second of two collabs to show up on Coathanga Strangla between Tech and Lynch, “Takin Online Orders” wraps up another scene in Lynch’s cinematic massacre. Coathanga Strangla is now available here.