‘Dickey Mouf’ [Song]

May 8 2011

“Dickey Mouf”. Backed by tremendously turbulent synths, “Dickey Mouf” strikes listeners without any warning. Offering listeners a bit of advice, Scoob takes aim at promiscuous women everywhere. The less than flattering nickname is reason enough to avoid them at all costs. Giving Scoob the thunderous production for the attention grabber, Michael “Seven” Summers leaves the samples at home for this one. The bass thumps on the low, while a high percussion pattern sets in during the verses. The only thing more outrageous than the hook, is Scoob’s unforgiving words for unsuspecting victims:

“I’m just sayin, call it hatin if it makes you feel at ease
when it’s over and you sober, go get tested for disease”

Obnoxious? Maybe a little, but that’s the charm of Big Scoob’s “Dickey Mouf”. It’s hard to imagine a better track to open Damn Fool.

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“Dickey Mouf” was produced by Michael “Seven” Summers.