Scoob Gets Foolish On MTV [Editorial]

May 1 2011

The age of television has seen a steady decline in recent years due to the influence of the internet. Even so, nationally broadcast programs remain a valuable avenue for independent artists. MTV, whether you like it or not, is a nationally recognized network. To any mainsteam or independent artist, getting on MTV is probably a top goal. Whether it is at the top of their list or not depends on the artist.

New artists hold a distinct advantage over MTV’s airwaves. When viewers grow tired of the same faces constantly flashing across their screens, new artists provide them with a breath of fresh air. They say, who is this? What are they about? I wonder what other songs they have put out? Who do they associate with? I have to look up this guy and get more of his music. This is exactly what Scoob stands to benefit from with his MTV Jams rotation.

The extra exposure could potentially drive up sales of Damn Fool. The more people to see the “All I Know is Hood” video, the more people will look up Scoob, and see what is getting released by him soon. They may even get in on some of the other pre-orders going on at Strange right now. Between an increase of tour sales, and good numbers for Damn Fool, this could prove a powerful thing for Scoob. National attention only blesses Scoob’s talent.

-AT Rimer, Strange Music Blogs Contributor

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