‘Take Me Away’ [Song]

May 6 2011

“Take Me Away” enters with sounds of an 80’s club track. A prayer comes in “lord please take me away” and you see this isn’t just another dance song. Instead, it’s Scoob asking for a break from the bad things and hard times in life. The emotionally heart wrenching track gives Scoob a moment to let his guard down and speak with full sincerity:

“I’m not trying to place the blame, I’m just asking how to change,
trying to find a different lane, that’s the reason I’m with Strange”

Irv Da Phenom steps in to deliver one of the most touching moments on Damn Fool with a powerfully moving hook. Much of this is what he said in the recent interview with Strange Music. He talks about how he is trying to be a different man, and trying to do music, but still the streets call to him. Here Scoob begs, “give me the strength to do this positive thing and not get back on the negative.”

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Take Me Away” was produced by Michael “Seven” Summers.