‘White Bitch’ [Song]

May 9 2011

Damn Fool with another synth heavy production dominated by low end drum patterns. The heavy percussion moves the track during the verses and kicks back up during the quick paced hook from Kaliko. The spare, bottom-heavy production and Krizz’s chanted hook give the track an old school 2 Live Crew feel, while the three MCs kick comical rhymes about an epidemic of sexy white girls. Scoob’s opening verse sets the tone for this outrageous heater:

“From the back she look just like a sista, bout to bend it like a twista
then I pass it to my niggas (She a flippa)
got her gone off the liquor, plus she love a rap nigga
white bitches get it in much quicka (don’t kiss her)”

It may be Scoob’s album, but all three MCs act like a Damn Fool when trying to chase down these white women.

“White Bitch” was produced by Michael “Seven” Summers.