’2 Fat Fucks’ [Song]

May 3 2011

“2 Fat Fucks”. Giving one out to the heavier fellas, Krizz and Scoob hit their bars over a funky and groovy bass line. The almost cartoonish production give Scoob room to let his inner fool out, and lash out at anyone criticizing the big fella. Each MC spits a comical verse, Krizz sings a quick bridge, and then they trade bars old-school style. Exchanging fat jokes, the two are unable to contain their laughter on the track, making this one of the most genuinely fun moments of the album. Scoob proudly flows:

Only go to the gym so I can look at the bitches
and crack jokes on the fat folks lookin ridiculous

“2 Fat Fucks” gives Damn Fool all the ammunition it needs as one of hip hop’s wildest albums.

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