Big Scoob ‘If U Kall’ Featuring Krizz Kaliko [Song]

May 10 2011

“If U Kall” eases in with a soothing piano melody produced by Michael “Seven” Summers. Calling back to the days of Motown, Irv Da Phenom soulfully serenades on the hook. The song begins with Scoob asking women to play it safe with him, and act right when he’s around. “I aint with these pussy games, I be on some other shit.” Scoob sounds like every other guy just trying to find that girl with a good mind and heart that wants to be his one. “I ain’t really with their phone games, you know I got an attitude, leaving all these messages, talkin all that whoop de whoop.”

Crooner Irv Da Phenom who matches up with Scoob better than anyone, drops the chrous, asking the leading lady of the song to “call me, call me babe.” This song also features Krizz Kaliko and Big Rich venting their trials and tribulations with the female sex. Rich says, “okay, here we go again hang up on a nigga, then you call me right back again, just love to fight“, letting the girl know that if you wanna be with me you need to get right.

Krizz tells his lady :

“I know you’re the only woman I wanna be with, but lately when I’m home, you be on some different shit, I hear you baby, I aint really trying to argue with you, you keep repeating yourself, and I get the damn picture, to hell with you.

Scoob’s “If U Kall” from Damn Fool gives fans a different look at Krizz Kaliko and Big Scoob, making way for a softer R&B crossover hit.

“If U Kall” was produced by Michael “Seven” Summers.