‘Immortal’ [Song]

May 18 2011

“Immortal”. Touching on every human being’s desire to live on forever, Krizz builds an epic record that incites a flood of emotions upon the first vocal notes. Relying on a soft melody meant to imitate a music box, the production rises to a crescendo of various instrumentations including powerful piano strikes and astounding drums. YoungFyre’s production of “Immortal” stand out as one of his best contributions to any Krizz Kaliko project. Krizz begins the track with a very soft and harrowing bridge:

“If I poured my heart out, would you leave it on the floor
or would you pick it up and place it in your chest for me?”

What follows is Kaliko’s most elegantly paced track with his signature delivery switching between speedy raps and smooth singing with ghostly background harmonies. Looking at his success and his goal to be the best, Kaliko lays it all out in a sincere, but confident tone. As he continues deep in thought, Kaliko’s only wish is for his legacy to live on through his music. “Immortal” lives up to its name, and is arguably the best track on Krizz Kaliko’s S.I.C. EP.

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“Immortal” was produced by YoungFyre.