‘Immortal’ [Song]

May 21 2011

“Immortal”. Krizz wants you to keep passing his music along to the next person. He wants you to be his loyal fans, and love him enough to fight for him and give him the inspiration to help him write. He sings:

“If I poured my heart out would you leave it on the floor, or would you pick it up and place it in your chest for me? And when you play my song would you just pass it along, continue to love me even when I’m gone?”

This is a song where Krizz is at his best doing things with his voice that you didn’t think him capable of. Taking his vocals into account, this is one of the stand out tracks for Krizz just because of how he sings, effortlessly switching up his voice from the soft and soulful falsetto to a booming rock and roll baritone full of firepower and angst. Those that admire how he sings as well as raps, will love this track.

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Immortal” was produced by YoungFyre.