‘Lemonade Delight’ [Song]

May 7 2011

“Lemonade Delight”. Mixing a refreshing concoction of lemonade and vodka, Scoob gets that party tilted in this new drinking anthem. Following his consistent sound on Damn Fool, Michael “Seven” Summers hits Scoob with even funkier synths and some floor shaking bass drums. Nothing about “Lemonade Delight” is to be taken with moderation, as even the huge hook gets a little help from Krizz Kaliko:

“It goes one for the vodka, two for the Country Time
three’s everclear, we’ll just sip it, any kind
alright, drunk out of your mind
everybody whatchu drinkin? (Lemonade Delight)”

Move over “Salue”, because “Lemonade Delight” is the hottest drinking song in 2011.

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