My Mom Likes Krizz Kaliko [Editorial]

May 8 2011

I was taking my grandma to Ohio the other day from Jackson, MI, and my mom was with us. I had Shock Treatment in my CD player and my mom said “Hey I like the sound of this better than a lot of your other rap music.” I was kinda shocked, though I have been playing some Tech N9ne stuff for her recently. She also likes Eminem, but she said Krizz “had his own unique sound.” I think it is really cool my mom thought his music was interesting and she liked the production of the entire cd a lot. It gave me an opportunity to tell her about how Krizz does a lot of the choruses for Strange and how many different things he does with his voice that you don’t expect him to do, like his chorus on “Ego Trippin” from Bad Season, in which he sounds like a female lounge singer.

Have any of you gotten your family or friends listening to Krizz? What were their reactions?

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