POLL: Who Do You Wish Was On ‘S.I.C.’?

May 14 2011

Krizz Kaliko’s latest EP, S.I.C., is set to drop on May 17. With only a few weeks to go, fans are beginning to speculate on just what the EP will bring. No singles have been released, and the project seems to have been shrouded in mystery from the beginning. In fact, it was only recently revealed in the S.I.C. Contest, that S.I.C. stood for Samuel’s Identity Crisis. It was later reported in an interview that the only guest on the album was Tech N9ne. Lately, Krizz Kaliko has been all over. From his work on All 6’s And 7’s to collaborating with T-Pain, it looks like everyone wants to be a part of Kali’s world. Ready to drop shortly, we would like to know who you would have liked to see as a guest on Kaliko’s S.I.C. EP.

Vote below for your pick.


Krizz Kaliko gets set to drop his EP S.I.C. on Tuesday, May 17! Sure to jump start your summer, S.I.C. gives fans a taste of the continuing evolution of Strange Music’s resident genius! With tracks like “Immortal” and “Medicine”, S.I.C. will definitely find a home in your summer playlist. This EP won’t be available in stores, so be sure to preorder your autographed copy today!