Sermons Domain Interviews Kaliko, Talks S.I.C. [Video]

May 17 2011

The genius, Krizz Kaliko sat down with Sermons Domain to discuss some interesting topics while he was on tour. In addition to discussing his S.I.C. release, he also mentions:

– His S.I.C. EP is only available digitally and at the merch booth during the Krizz Kaliko concerts.

– In response to the interviewer asking if All 6’s And 7’s was Tech’s best album, Krizz Kaliko said, “It’s not really fair to saw Tech N9ne has a best album. Nobody can out-rap him. No one is better than that dude–anybody–no one in the world is a better rapper than that guy, has better albums than him (except me).”

– Krizz talks about his previous jobs he’s had before becoming the entertainer that he is today: he cleaned out the shit in septic tanks, replacing sewage pipes at people’s houses, and working at the Folgers Coffee Plant. He recalls his favorite job being when he worked at the grocery store when he was 15 years old.

Check out the video below!

Click here to purchase S.I.C. on iTunes!