Big Scoob- ‘I Move With The Night’ Featuring Tech N9ne [Song]

May 4 2011

If there’s one thing Scoob knows better than anything, it’s hustling the old school way. The big fella reminds us about his insatiable drive to hustle for his paper on “I Move With The Night”. Flowing over explosive snare drums and organ like synths, Scoob separates himself from the pack, and drops knowledge on fake MCs pretending to grind. Carrying his authority like a true boss, Scoob’s flow hits effortlessly as he moves from one syllable to the next. Tech N9ne joins Scoob on the hook, serving up raspy vocals to lend the track a real gutter edge. Tech’s hook booms over the track, leaving little doubt as to who the voice belongs to. T- Nutty makes a guest appearance on the second verse, and changes the pace of the track with his sped up and unconventional delivery. Scoob even gives us a Tech N9ne throwback with his first verse:

What it is, what it was, what it shall be
You tell me, I’m just tryin to switch to plan B
Smell me, get this paper out this rap game
these rappers fakin, but your homie, I be spittin flames

“I Move With The Night” is loud, unforgiving, and packed with raw hustle from the Damn Fool and Tecca Nina.

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