Chop Shop: Building Tech N9ne’s ‘Choppers’ [Editorial]

May 3 2011

Rumbling and thundering through the music industry like a beast with unstoppable horsepower, Tech N9ne’s elite group of choppers has become a force of legendary proportions. Stretching out across the Midwest, and then to the world, Tech N9ne collected the most rapid spit fire MCs he could find. What began in 2007 from the cold winters of the Midwest, has now reached the global population in 2011. Tech N9ne’s original “Midwest Choppers” set the stage for four emcees to slice through syllables and hold it down for the middle of the map. The encore, “Midwest Choppers 2”, kept it close to home, but expanded its reach in both sound and skill. Now, with the lingering release date of All 6’s And 7’s, Tech N9ne has masterminded a monstrous collaboration between the fastest and fiercest MCs from around the world. Exploding out of the Midwest, “Worldwide Choppers” touches down all over the US , and even international borders in Turkey and Morocco. Revving up to maximum speed, the choppers line up to deliver the potent mixture of speedy rhyme and precise timing. Before Tech N9ne unleashes his long awaited “Choppers” finale, join us for a look back at what has made the Choppers series what it is today.

In 2007, Tech N9ne sought to release an album full of collaborations with his fellow Kansas City representatives. The result was Misery Loves Kompany, a jam packed album with the most diverse collaborations in and out of Kansas City. The real story here was Tech N9ne’s ambition to drop the spotlight on the fastest MCs he could find. “Midwest Choppers” brought Tech N9ne together with D-Loc, Dalima, and Krizz Kaliko. Opening with the sounds of a growling motorcycle, the track burst out of speakers everywhere with Tech N9ne’s explosive intro. Fans were rewarded with some of the fastest rhymes Tech had ever spit. The melodies on “Midwest Choppers” made it one of the most infectious tracks on the disc. With subtle strings and head knocking drums, “Midwest Choppers” allowed Tech N9ne to deliver a rhythmically beast like performance that flowed over the production like an added instrument. The hypnotizing hook became one of his best, often being compared to something from Bone Thugs N Harmony. The tongue twisting D-Loc and Dalima brought their A-game with flows that struck like verbal slugs to the head. Krizz Kaliko closed out the track in a monumental effort that gave fans a new perspective on Kali’s skills as an MC. “Midwest Choppers” not only set the bar for future collaboration efforts, it also set the bar for all future Tech N9ne tracks.

Not satisfied with only one outing, Tech N9ne returned on Sickology 101 with “Midwest Choppers 2”. Looking to expand on the original, Tech sought to build an even stronger base for the speedy MCs. Taking a step away from the original production, “Midwest Choppers 2” crept up like an ominous cloud of dramatic strings and frighteningly turbulent drum patterns. This time around, Tech brought along Kansas native K-Dean, and Krayzie Bone of the legendary Bone Thugs N Harmony. Tech had originally intended for Chicago chopper Twista to appear, but deadlines did not allot the time required. Instead, K-Dean carried the task kicking off the sequel with his charismatic and livewire performance. Krayzie Bone stepped into his role and dropped an ovation worthy verse with hints of harmony and perfectly executed bars. By the time Tech N9ne wrapped it all up, he was faced with the challenge of matching the flows of K-Dean and Krayzie Bone. Tech not only matched their pace, but also incorporated his own brand of smoothly delivered multi syllabic rhyming. Stepping up the intensity, Tech sang the hook with confidence and brazen attitude behind his voice:

I be on the West Coast, I be on the East Coast
I be North, South, but I reside on my side Midwest Chopper
even though I’m all up in the northwest, all across the us
overseas, Midwest Choppers

“Midwest Choppers 2” gave fans a glimpse of what was to come.

With rumors and uncertainties abound, All 6’s And 7’s began its road to production with a massive undertaking. Tech N9ne wanted to close out his Chopper series with the biggest finale he could construct. This would no longer be a Midwest showcase, but instead a who’s who of the world’s best MCs. Tech began recruiting his team of choppers as fans watched in awe. “Worldwide Choppers” became a stunningly start studded collaboration. From Chicago, Twista was finally confirmed to make his Chopper debut. Crawling out of the backwoods of Alabama, rookie Yelawolf would get to drop his unique chopper like rhymes. Breaking out like a Beast from the East, Busta Rhymes stamped his mark on the track, following a now infamous feature on Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”. Adding to the madness were Twisted Insane of California, JL of Kansas City, Ceza of Turkey, and USO from Morocco. Like building a literal chopper with pieces from around the world, Tech brought this genius creation together just for All 6’s And 7’s. Now, with “Worldwide Choppers” set to be the first official single from the album, fans watch on, waiting to hear its grand premiere. For the Choppers, this has been a long road. Like a real life game of Risk, Tech has positioned his key players around the world, and is about to make his move for world domination.

“Worldwide Choppers” premieres TODAY at 3:00 PM EST on XXL Magazine’s UStream page! Don’t miss out on this historical event!